What is MSN

What is MSN

Mangrove Service Network (MSN) is a local Non-government Organization (NGO) working in environmental conservation, sustainable livelihoods, community development and disaster risk reduction that particular benefit and addresses the need of marginalized population in rural grassroots communities in Myanmar. The organization is implemented activities in collaboration with government organizations, Local & International NGOs as well as Communities.

Background of MSN

Mangrove Service Network (MSN) was formed as a non-profit partnership firm under the Partnership Act (1932) in December 2001 with Myanmar professionals who are well experienced in the environmental conservation and community development projects in Myanmar. MSN was registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (Non-profit Organization) under Organizational Registration Law (1988) issued by Ministry of Home Affairs on March 2011. MSN received the NGO registration certificate (No -1954) on 14th March 2011.

Our Goal

Rural Communities in Myanmar afford to carry out with better capacities in environmental conservation and community development activities.

Organization’s Vision,



To promote capacity of rural communities in Myanmar in the field of environmental conservation and production of livelihood supplies through provision of training courses and delivery of supply inputs.

Our Objectives

  1. To dedicate in the environmental conservation in the mangroves area as well as in other forested areas, through promoting community participation and empowerment;
  2. To render community development services in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock, cottage industry, gender development and rural infrastructure improvement;
  3. To improve rural capacity through provision of technical trainings, workshops and public education materials;
  4. To work with external donors interested in people-centered approach in poverty alleviation for the development of rural community through fund mobilization and delivery of services.